Soundtrack for Travels

As soon as you set foot on the continent, the drumbeats will fill the air, and an urgency to dance will come over you. To make sure you know exactly what to have in your playlist for the plane trip to Jo’burg or those long bus rides, here is a must-listen to artist in each country.

George Swabi (Botswana)

George Swabi is the artist behind the song Bagammangato which is appreciated by young and old country wide. Utilising traditional folk sounds, Swabi is yet to release an album but his sound is well known.

The Black Missionaries (Malawi)


Reggae is king in Malawi and the Black Missionaries are heroes throughout the lakeside country. In a country that sticks to its roots music, you’ll be sure to win plenty of fans talking about the much acclaimed band.

Fany Pfuno (Mozambique)

Marrabenta is the best known form of Mozambican music drawing influence from European sounds with a distinct dance beat. Fany Pfuno was the early influence behind this sound inspiring artists all over the country.

Jackson Kaujeua (Namibia)

Bringing traditional Namibian folk and blending it with reggae, soul, jazz, and many other genres, Jackson Kaujeua mixes a range of languages to bring out an unmistakable sound from the largely unknown Namibian music scene.

Miriam Makeba (South Africa)


Mama Africa, as she is affectionately known, is recognised beyond her homeland as a renowned and inspiring artist. Born in the times of Economic Depression, Makeba was the driving force behind African Jazz and was a strong opponent of Apartheid.

Macky 2 (Zambia)

Moving away from tradition, Zambia has a tendency for popular music including rap and hip hop. Macky 2 is one of the leading proponents of this even going on to appear in Big Brother Africa.

Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe)


Essential listening for any trip through Africa, Tuku is internationally renowned and has been providing the music of the people for decades. Neria is a hit while the lesser known Ghetto Boy will be stuck in your head for a lifetime.







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