5 Must Visit Places: Mozambique

Mozambique is a journey within itself. Beautiful beaches, colonial towns, wildlife, lakes, and a strong Portuguese heritage. Your biggest struggle will be trying to fit everything in. Our advice is to give Mozambique plenty of time, allow a slow journey, and don’t leave until you’ve at least visited the following 5 places!



Sometimes spelled Vilanculos, the seaside town is essential for all those who love diving. Pushing North of Maputo and Tofo, Vilankulos is nicely laid-back with bamboo huts and cruisey bars. The town is also the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Mozambique Island

Once the epicenter of all Portuguese East African activity, this tiny island is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. With warm Indian Ocean waters providing the back drop to colonial churches, take the time to explore and dream of days gone by.



Ever popular with the Backpacker scene, Tofo is calm by day and lively by night. Catch waves and cool off in the waters while you inspect the fisherman’s catch of the day on the sandy beaches. A must-see for those looking for the party scene and to connect with travelers.

Quirimbas National Park

Dugongs one side and Leopards the other. Where else in the world but the Quirimbas National Park will you have the opportunity to mix tranquil waters with land safaris? Explore inland by day then cool off as the sun drops.

Bazaruto Archipelago


Narrow Islands dotted throughout the Indian Ocean providing the perfect destination to relax with a rum in hand after a long journey through Mozambique. Take your pick of secluded Islands and choose between luxury or budget relaxation.


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