Review: African Impact Volunteering

LOCATION: Almost Everywhere!

COST: Great Value

RECOMMENDATION: Highly Recommended

African-Impact-Volunteer1 (1)

Volunteer travel is not exactly a new craze but is continuing to go from strength to strength all over the continent. One of the leading organisations is African Impact. Since 2004 African Impact has been providing a range of volunteering options throughout Southern Africa to cater for travelers of all backgrounds.

African Impact offers a variety of projects with great flexibility in lengths. You have the option of a half day community volunteering session through to a 6 month Internship. Depending on your time, budget, and interest, there is an option to suit you.

Popular projects include Community Development in Moshi or Zanzibar (Tanzania), Education in Cape Town (South Africa), or Lion Research in Livingstone (Zambia).

Questions are commonly raised around why it is necessary to pay for volunteering and African Impact is quite open in where their money goes:

  • Food and Accommodation for your stay
  • Employment of Local Staff (Project Coordinators, Cooks, Drivers, Local Teachers)
  • Insurance
  • Project Supplies
  • Maintenance and Running of Vehicles
  • Support Workers in the Cape Town Head Office
  • Investment in Community Projects via the Happy Africa Foundation

Volunteering provides the unique opportunity to experience genuine local living, mix with like-minded travelers, and have a sense of achievement at the end of your experience. African Impact also operates in amazing locations where you will have the chance to experience once in a lifetime adventures – bungy jumping, safari, diving…..

If you want to travel and make an impact be sure to visit the African Impact website and chat to the team about a volunteer experience to suit you.


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